december favorites

Just like that the holidays are over and the start of the new year begins tomorrow. December flew by faster than any other month of the year. It's the month of giving and festivities that leave us with busier schedules, late nights, and a lot of memories to look back on. And half the time (particularly during winter break), I had no idea what day of the week it even was. 

The month was kicked off with a gorgeous snow storm that left 8" inches of snow on the valley floor. It was beautiful, but also confined us to the walls of our home as we hadn't yet gotten out our snow gear. But I cannot complain,  the picture of sis smashing her face on our front door was priceless. I just wish I could have been on the other side of the window ;)

The Polar Express made its appearance in Midway, Utah and unlike years past, I got my act together and purchased our tickets before they sold out ;) Looking back, I probably shouldn't have been so hard of myself because the four of us climbed into our pajamas at 2:30 in the afternoon to catch the 5:00 train. Sounds bad (and even a little embarrassing) but truth be told, it was a magical experience that really kicked off the holiday season.

We made the best of the days we spent at home. Sis always put on a show, we consumed enough hot chocolate to feed a village, and loooooved receiving christmas packages.

Sis participated in a Christmas tumbling recital. She did great and really owned her accomplishments at completion. 

Winter break went as fast as it came. Our days were spent skiing, playing in the snow, being silly and taking the annual christmas tree picture. We also did a day adventure to a kids climbing gym and made a stop at our "local" ice castle.

In the picture below, it is not the moon you see in the sky... but a rare glimpse at Venus.