In the previous post I hinted on growth, learning new techniques, etc. But what does that really mean if you don't know what I'm talking about or haven't been following along long enough to notice a change in my images? Nothing.

So, I had this crazy thought occur to me after making my littles a cup of hot chocolate after playing in the snow today.... I remembered I took a very similar image during my 365 last year. I looked it up, and low and behold, the top image was taken almost a year ago to the day (crazy, right?). In that year I have learned so much about light, composition, metering, editing (gah, SO much about editing!) and more. Taking a picture AND editing every. single. day helps, it really does! And if anything, this validates that it's helped me. With that, I cannot wait to see where I'll be this time next year. Heck, maybe I'll have to post a triptych just to show it when the day comes.

Thank you. And enjoy.