Spectrum Inspired || Family Photographer in Ogden Utah

Last summer, being a Family Photographer in Ogden, I was lucky enough to become a contributor at an amazing company called Spectrum Inspired. This company is a community of photographers, working together to provide free photography sessions to children who are on the autism spectrum.

I believe all children are a true blessing from God, so it was pretty easy for me to get behind this cause. If you aren't exactly sure what Spectrum Inspired is all about, I highly suggest you check out their website: SPECTRUM INSPIRED


Their mission is this: SPECTRUM INSPIRED is a global community that connects, supports and uplifts individuals and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders. In order to educate the general public, our team uses Lifestyle Photography to document a diverse group of children on the spectrum and their families across the globe in effort to normalize and destigmatize ASD. It is our mission to give families a platform to voice their struggles, celebrate their victories and share their story; all the while, removing the stigma and stereotypes of what is thought to be representative of Autism and show the world just who broad and beautiful the spectrum is.

So... are you, or do you know, a deserving family with a child on the spectrum who should benefit from this amazing gift? If so, I urge you to reach out to them and send them an application by going HERE.

If you're a family in the northern Utah area, I would LOVE to capture the true spirit of your child as well as your unique family dynamic. If you fill out the application, all you have to do is request me as your photographer and I'll be the one blessed with capturing lifelong memories for you and your family.