july favorites

Is July already over, is school seriously starting in 2 and a half weeks, where did the summer go? These are just a few questions I've asked myself this week. It's crazy. We've done so much and seen so many different things that I'm secretly excited to get two hours, twice a week, just to myself, starting in 30 days to be exact - yahoo! But I'm also sad that it's coming to an end. We've had such a wonderful time these last few months, but like I've said before, I'm so thankful I have all these images to look back on.

July started on a great note. We went camping in the High Unitas, where the days were cool (relatively speaking) and the littles explored from dawn to dusk. Celebrated the 4th of July in our front yard, blasting off fireworks like every other Utahn in the area. Learned to skateboard (myself included). Played in our very first soccer tournament, taking second place. Cheered on our local MiLB baseball team - Go Raptors! Celebrated my little man's half birthday. And went for our annual family bike ride with my mom and dad - this year at Powder Mountain. 

We did so much that I, embarrassingly, forgot some of the things we did until I looked back on the month... And I pray I'm not the only one this happens to. Anyway, here are a few (good handfuls) of my personal favorites. I know some aren't the best, but they represent where we were, what we were feeling, how much fun we had. I hope you enjoy. xo