a day in the life...

Three months ago, I challenged myself to document a day in the life - It was the last day of school for my oldest, sis was getting her cast off, and we had a full day of activities and summer celebration planned. But life happened. My husband had to go away on travel, my oldest and I came down with strep throat, and my youngest ended up getting a viral infection. By the end of the day we were miserable, cranky, and ready for bed. There were many times throughout the day that I wanted to botch the entire challenge, but I stayed with it, even as my inner self cried for mercy.

Why I chose that day is unbeknownst to me, especially since my husband was gone because he is such a vital role to our family. I guess I just wanted to document the last day of kindergarten, the way my boy tries to do his own hair, our breakfast routine, and the few hours of just sis and I. It was the last "real" day of our daily routine before summer began. It was a day I wanted to remember and cherish for days to come. 

After the littles had gone to bed I uploaded the images to my computer. I'm not sure if it was the strep throat or what, but I hated everything I captured and immediately moved the entire batch to my archive folder.

It's been three months since that day and as I prepare to delete the entire folder, I flipped back through some of the images I captured and I fell in love! The way the littles interacted with one another, the independence of my oldest, the celebration of the cast removal, everything. My heart is so full and I am so thankful that I didn't botch the entire challenge. I know I've said it before, but these are the days I want to remember. Even when we're not feeling our best, looking our greatest, or in the best mood. This is life. It's our life. And I want to remember it all.