the keyes' || Ogden Family Photographer

My experience with the Keyes's family session this past weekend is one I will remember for a long time. It was the first time using a my new lens during a session and my first time shooting them. It was a lens I had been researching for over a year and it was a shoot they were well prepared for :)

After every session, I immediately upload the images and start my process of culling through the images flagging some but over looking most. With this session, however, it was the complete opposite. I fell in love with every. single. shot and edited wayyyy more than I needed to - it was crazy! The tones, the magical backdrop, the smiles from the kids, the affection and emotion from the parents... I'm talking serious camera candy (if that's such a thing). Even bystanders (my husband, xx) said the pictures looked like a j.crew catalog. 

Thank you so much, Keyes' family, for allowing me to capture you and your beautiful family. xx